Training and Consultations

Training of trainers (ToT)

Trainers engaged in training of public administration servants are typically subject- matter experts. It is very effective to have internal trainers in public administration as they  could tailor the training to meet specific training needs and provide advice on regular basis. The need for Training for Trainers (ToT) is  crucial to achieve learning  objectives of public servants, to enable  effective delivery of training content by using  appropriate and up-to-date methodology. Expectations from training and learning events are growing, and our ToT programs can give your trainers the practical platform of skills and confidence they need to succeed. ToT will help your trainers to become facilitators of learning, not just a presenters or lecturers. 

The most important  topics in our ToT sessions are:

– Trainer roles, assumptions,  adult- learning principles;
– Training objectives, planning of topics,
– Applying design thinking, instructional training approaches;
– Training methods, design of role- plays, exercises and games;
– Learning as knowledge creation and transformation of experience;
– Modes of communication;
– Presentation skills;
– Feedback and learning evaluation.

We develop and deliver  ToT programs in many specific public administration areas and in many countries by using our more than 20 year experience.

Workshop „Work and Training plan development”

Objectives of the  workshop is to acquire and practice key principles of objective setting and planning in public administration. Participants receive practical advice and examples helping  to convert strategy and objectives  into action – effective Work/ Training  Plans.

The most important  topics in our workshop:

– Converting Strategies into Effective Plans;
– Training Institution Building and Development;
– Practical Training on how to  strengthen capacity of Training Center/ Training Academy of Public/Local  Administration  with regard to management and coordination of civil or local servants training and professional development and  implementation of the training strategy.

Work and Training plans are important tools to achieve results!

Workshop series „Changing and Reforming Public Administration”

Objective of the workshops is to  support leaders and managers in undertaking reforms and transformation initiatives in public administration organizations. According to David Gauke: “Good Governments are always reforming!”

The most important  topics in our workshop series:
– Changes and Systems thinking, useful questions;
– Strategic planning and communication during periods of change;
– Practical application of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in decision-making;
– Performing  OECD  Innovation skills in Public Administration.

Institutional transformation is a difficult undertaking. Change management studies estimate that from 50% to 75% of all change initiatives fail. It is time now for sustainable and effective changes that last.


On elaboration and implementation of  public administration training systems, modules and courses. We deliver consultations on Training Cycle: Training Design, Training Delivery,Training Evaluation,  review Training Modules and perform Training evaluation.

Other consultations focus on assisting public administration in transforming of  its institutions into effective, efficient, transparent, accountable, innovative and citizen-oriented public organizations to accomplish their missions and achieve objectives. Our special focus is on training institution building and reforming.